Breeding Programme

The most recent influences on the Powerline flock has been from the use of semen from a home bred tup so named Powerline Maximus. Powerline Maximus has an Index of £6.12 complimented by a Maternal Index of 365. Scan Wgt 17.22kg. Powerline Maximus – Grand Sire – Bentley Maximus carries the MyoMax Gene held by Texels which forms double muscling. Early indications are proving this the case. Maximus was sold to Richard Garner of the Ortum Flock in August 2016 with Powerline retaining semen for own flock use.
‘Rugley Beltin Good’ has been used to improve some of the physical traits of some ewes. This has been particularly successful, with no detriment to indexes and with an improvement in maternal index which the breeder is particularly proud of.
Semen is also used from rams of high genetic merit from recorded flocks. Powerline avoids breeding for ultra leanness believing that a level of fat is required to finish lambs and carry ewes and store lambs through a hard winter. Fat levels are ‘managed’ to prioritize ewe health to enable good management of metabolic diseases.

To compliment this Powerline recognizes the need to maintain shape and style within the breeding policy. With the focus on maximising the percentage of sale able meat on bone.

The biggest influence to my improved genetic trends has been from the renowned Drinkstone, Rugley and Ortum flocks.

Sires used include Drinkstone Supersire 04, Ortum Supersire 05, Drinkstone Top Muscle 10, Bentley Special Blend and many more. The use of Artificial insemination allows Powerline Suffolks to data match with many sires to produce a premium lamb.

Drinkstone Top Muscle 10

Drinkstone Top Muscle 10 with John Park