Computed Tomography (CT) Scanning

On 12th June 2014 I took 4 male lambs to the SRUC-BioSS CT Unit near Edinburgh. Kirsty Moore and John Gordon manage this procedure which is a non-invasive technique and provides accurate measurements to increase EBV accuracies. Apart from travel it costs £10 per lamb after funding provided by EBLEX, for breed improvement.

For me this extra data provides me with:

  • Tissue weights,
  • Killing out percentage accuracies,
  • Percentage of meat to bone and meat to fat,
  • Carcass Quality,
  • Gigot Shape,
  • Eye muscle area (square cm),
  • And percentage muscle in the leg loin and chest.

One extra piece of information added this year is spine length cm. This year I have produced the longest ram lamb presented this year so far.

All the data is on the attached table and you are able to compare with the 42 lambs presented so far this year from other breeders. This will be updated in September to provide a greater number of comparisons as more lambs are presented to the centre during the year.

Scan Pictures

The scan pictures below are of UK182247 00121. He is out of Drinkstone Top Muscle 10.

Born 28th December 2013. Weighed 69.5kg 12th June 2014. Index £5.50

Further Information

Further information on improved breeding.

CT Scanning Results

Powerline Male Lambs – benchmarked against 2014 data.

As at 20th June 2014